Black hair shampoo

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Enriched with natural ingredients to provide deep nourishment

Free from harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens

  • Makes hair shiny, strong and healthy-looking
  • Provides deep nourishment to the hair
  • Prevents hair fall and breakage
  • Helps in removing dandruff and flakiness from the scalp
  • Helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair
  • Reduces frizziness and makes hair more manageable
  • Provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience while washing hair
  • Improves blood circulation to the scalp
  • Protects hair from environmental pollutants and harsh chemicals
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance that lasts long

  • Wet your hair thoroughly
  • Apply a generous amount of Black Shampoo on your hair and scalp
  • Massage gently and work up a lather
  • Rinse thoroughly with water

  • Clean and shiny hair that looks and feels healthy
  • Reduced hair fall and breakage
  • Softer, smoother, and more manageable hair

  • Suitable for people with black hair
  • Not suitable for people with extremely dry hair
  • Contains natural ingredients like amla, bhringraj, and shikakai that provide deep nourishment and care to the hair

Tired of dull and lifeless hair? Try "Reclame Black Shampoo" for a radiant and healthy-looking mane. This shampoo is specially formulated to provide your hair with intense moisture and nourishment, making it more manageable and shiny. It also helps to protect your hair from environmental stressors, leaving it looking and feeling silky smooth. With regular use, your hair will be revitalized and refreshed, ready for any occasion.

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