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Weak Liver Symptoms : Weak digestion can be a sign of poor liver functioning and It’s one of Liver Weakness Symptoms. Constipation, Bloating, Gas or Diarrhea can be so annoying to you, which makes us feel helpless. An upset stomach is a like a curse to our happy lives. That uncomfortable feeling in our gut after eating or during a meal is embarrassing sometimes. We are not always able to eat at home. The issues become worse when we eat outside. Knowing this digestion issue, we tend to control eating outside the home or try to cancel eating plans.

But have you have ever wondered What can be Symptoms of Weak Liver? Yes, when it comes to digestion, the liver has a crucial role to play. The liver is the largest solid organ inside your body; it is as big as a football. We usually do not consider it as a reason for issues like digestion, because it is hidden deep inside our body. Actually, our digestion system gets weak due to poor liver functioning.

Our food is digested with the help of the liver and its surrounded organs. The liver absorbs all the nutrients from the small intestine and then processes the good stuff into the form, which can be further used by our body. Bile is a digestive juice made by liver that carries away the stuff your body does not require back to the intestine and this waste stuff comes out when we poop. So, if your digestion system is weak, this may be a sign of poor liver functioning.

Weak Liver Symptoms : How Liver Helps in Digestion?

As we have understood Weak Liver Symptoms, that liver carries the majority of the absorbed nutrients. It breaks down by the products of digestion of proteins- ammonia. Before knowing the reasons for why poor functioning of the liver weakens our digestion process, let us find How the Liver helps in Digestion?

The liver detoxifies the toxins that enter our body by filtering them. Main role of the liver in the digestion process includes the production of bile and detoxification of toxins. Bile production is necessary as it helps to kick out waste products from our body. Bile, being alkaline in nature, neutralizes excessive stomach acids. This is how the liver helps us in the digestion process.

Why Poor Functioning of the Liver Weakens Our Digestion Process?

After understand Liver Weakness Symptoms Now we need to find out Why Poor Functioning of the Liver Weakens Our Digestion Process? Actually what we eat is what we are made up of! Eating might be a pleasure for all of us, but it may give us bitter consequences too. Eating has nothing wrong in it. But eating Maida, bread, junk food, no liquid diet, not chewing properly, overeating, spicy or too much sweet and lot more can upset our stomach. Surprisingly, continuing these habits in a daily routine can easily weaken our digestion system. Because liver gets too much burden on it while trying to help in the digestion process.

Our liver needs rest and too much regular burden on it can definitely poor it’s functioning. When our liver is not able to function properly, the result would come in the form of the poor digestion process. Therefore, that is why poor liver functioning weakens our digestion process. It means that maintaining the proper functioning of the liver is important.

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