Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms : What are the signs of low Testosterone?

Low Testosterone Symptoms : Testosterone is a hormone found in human body. It is responsible for appearance and sexual health, It enforces muscle growth and bone mass and It supports sperm production which helps in sex drive.

Testosterone production decreases by the age effect. More will be age; less will be production of testosterone hormone. With the decrease in production or Low Testosterone, people especially men suffer from lot of symptoms.

Low Testosterone Symptoms : Causes

Low Muscle Mass

It plays an important role in body building. People who are indulged in body building should focus on increasing their testosterone level by performing various exercises along with food or herbal food supplements.

They are the one who are less involved in sex or ejaculation. People with low testosterone experience low muscle mass and strength.

Mood Swings in Low Testosterone

Research says that people with low testosterone suffer mental illness, depression, lack of focus and mood swings. This is because Testosterone is involved in many physical process.

Low Blood Count during Low Testosterone Symptoms

People with low testosterone experience diseases like anemia. This include low concentration, dizziness, leg cramping, sleeping problem, sometimes even abnormal rapid heart rate.


People with low testosterone usually suffer fatigue and have low energy level. This makes you feel sleepy always.

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone has a crucial role in sex drive. People over time have less sex desire due to age, as a result of decrease in testosterone level. They suffer erection problem like spontaneous erection or erection prior to sex. This may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone is only factor responsible behind erection. It is also responsible in semen production. Men with low T will have decrease in the volume of their semen during ejaculation.

Weak Immune System

Because of erectile problems, people might have a chance to suffer from these diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stress & Anxiety

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