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Cartilage Damage: Eight Reason of Cartilage Damage

Symptoms of Cartilage Damage: – At one point in time in our lives, almost all of us are going to face the issue of cartilage. In most of the situations, the knee joint is involved. Cartilage is an extremely flexible, rubbery yet tough tissue that is found in all areas of the body.

All the joints within our bodies are only covered with cartilage. The presence of the cartilage makes our bones to move over one another smoothly — it restricts the friction and therefore the potential for damage. It supports the weight of movement, whether that is walking, climbing, jumping, stretching, bending or running. Knee cartilage damage is particularly common in people.

What makes cartilage different from other types of tissue is its lack of blood supply. Blood cells play a very important part in the process of repair if our tissues become damaged.


There is a number of people who complain about knee pain or other joint pain. Being unaware of the problem, we usually ignore it for the longest time. Around 12 million people suffer from cartilage Break every year. As we don’t know much about these sorts of damages, we tend to invite more dense damage. We must tell you that knee cartilage break is one of the most common problems seen in people.

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If you are also really pissed off due to any joint pain, please go through these mentioned symptoms. Maybe, the reason is cartilage break for your pain. Understanding the symptoms can help us detecting the problem. And catching up on the problem can make us solve it with proper treatment.


Symptoms of Cartilage Damage are:-

  • Stiffness – you may feel uneasy to move your joint.
  • Pain in joint – intense pain usually occurs, even during resting or while putting stress on the affected joint.
  • Swelling – that joint area can be seen with minor swelling.
  • Limits the normal movement in that joint – you may observe that your movement has changed, due to some discomfort in moving.
  • Inflammation – that area becomes sore, tender and even painful.
  • Range limitation – the affected limb may not move so freely and easily as soon as the damage starts progressing.
  • Joint locking – the joint may get locked and bleeding in that joint can be observed.
  • A clicking or grinding sensation – So, these are the commonly observed symptoms of Cartilage Break in our body. This problem can occur to anyone. But we need not worry too much. There are good quality supplements that are beneficial for our cartilage. Read our next blog to know how can you keep and maintain your joints, bones, and cartilage healthy!

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