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In this blog we will tell you What is Cartilage Damage – Reason & Remedies? Cartilage is a tough, white appearing flexible tissue found throughout the body. It covers the surface of joints where the joints and bones meet, acting as a shock absorber, serves as a cushion and allows bones to easily slide over one another.

Let’s Discuss what is Cartilage Damage?

Cartilage problems can be described as a hole in the otherwise smooth surface of the joint which gives pain. The joints become stiff, swollen and painful. As cartilage is a well-organized component of our body, but does not have its own blood supply.

That is why it is really difficult to restore or duplicate once it is damaged or lost. Injury to any part of this complex system can interfere in the functional properties of cartilage:   


  • If articular cartilage is involved, this may result in further degeneration of the joint.

  • If airway cartilage is involved, this may cause problems related to breathing problems.

  • If cartilage of the ear or nose is involved, cosmetic problems might occur.
  • Cartilage problem is a relatively common type of injury. It often consist of knees joints, although joints such as the hips, ankles, and elbows can also be affected or involved. Minor cartilage injuries may get recovered on their own within a few weeks, but more severe cartilage damage may eventually, require proper treatment.

    Articular cartilage can be damaged through major accidents or degenerate slowly over time, eventually resulting in osteoarthritis. Improper alignment of the joint, heavyweight, excessive activity, overuse, or injury can all result in cartilage damage. This damaged or worn of cartilage makes the joint painful and stiff, and with disruption in movement. Now you are much aware about cartilage damage.


  • If you are involved in any heavy impact activity, the chances are more for cartilage break. Any injury, accident or excess force during those high-intensity works can result in cartilage break. Sportspeople have a higher risk of this damage in sports with powerful force.

  • Do you feel pain in your joints, then please don’t ignore it for too long. For the one who experiences stress in a joint for a long period of time, the reason maybe is cartilage break. If compared to normal weight, people with fatty bodies tend to damage their knee over a period of 20 years. Too much physical stress causes a higher risk for people with a heavyweight. Sometimes inflammation, breakdown or any untreated damage to cartilage may take a turn towards Osteoarthritis.

  • One of the major causes of cartilage break is the lack of physical movement in this era of a desk job. The joints URGE us to move them regularly so that they can maintain the cartilage health too. So, if you pause your bodies for an unlimited period of time, then prepare yourself for cartilage break very soon.
  • Keep your body movement active and regular to kick off the cartilage damage.

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    How to Repair Damaged Cartilage


    Protect the affected area from further injury by using support such as a knee brace, Relax affected joint, Elevate the affected limb and apply ice packs to be combined regularly.

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