Natural Waterless Facewash

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  • Waterless formulation for on-the-go cleansing
  • Deep cleansing action without stripping natural oils
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

  • 100% natural and vegan ingredients
  • Contains activated charcoal and tea tree oil for effective cleansing and detoxification
  • No water required, making it perfect for travel and camping

  • Removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin
  • Unclogs pores and prevents breakouts
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and revitalized
  • Balances the skin's pH levels
  • Promotes a healthy, radiant complexion
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleansers and toners
  • Saves water and is eco-friendly
  • Easy to use and convenient for busy lifestyles

  • Apply a small amount of the facewash to dry skin
  • Massage gently in circular motions, focusing on areas with excess oil or impurities
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away the facewash, revealing clean and refreshed skin

  • Deeply cleansed and purified skin
  • A more balanced and healthy complexion
  • Nourished and moisturized skin without stripping natural oils

  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Ingredients: Kaolin clay, activated charcoal, tea tree oil, aloe vera, glycerin, and other natural ingredients.


Aqua Waterless Facewash" is a unique skincare product that is designed to provide deep cleansing and nourishment to the skin without the use of water. Its advanced formula is enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extract, and glycerin, which help to remove impurities, unclog pores, and moisturize the skin. This facewash is perfect for those who are always on the go, or for those who want to conserve water while still maintaining a healthy skincare routine.

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