Stress Reliever Spray (Sound Slip Spray)

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Forever Leaves
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This is a Vegetarian Product

  • Promotes Falling Asleep.
  • Promotes a Restful Sleep.
  • Wake up Refreshed.
  • Totally Non-Addictive.
  • Establishes a Regular Sleep Pattern.

Stress Reliever Spray

Our brand Forever Leaves have one amazing spray for the people who are not able to sleep properly at night. It is a solvable problem, so don’t you worry. Stress Reliever Spray is prepared to make your sleep peaceful and undisrupted.

This naturally prepared stress relief spray can help you to live an energetic day. Because good sleep, is the only way to make your next day energetic. Now you need not listen to the annoying tic-tac sound of the clock. Try sound spray for healthy sleep & stress free life.

Shahid Khan 24 October 2019

This product works well with my anxiety and calms me down in situations of panic almost instantly.

Riya Vijay 24 October 2019

This stuff is awesome. I have used this stuff for several months now. It is extremely effective. I even used it for the day I gave my masters project presentation in college. I highly recommend it to anybody. It’s a lifesaver!

Priya Singh 25 October 2019

It is a great spray, I have been relieved of stress ever since I used it.

Uday Singh Yadav 25 October 2019

Thank you for maintaining my trust, Very Very Nice Product!

Anil Sharma 25 October 2019

I read the reviews. I got impressed and bought this product. Really its amazing.

Isra khan 26 November 2019

Nice spray so much relief stress & anxiety problems Thanks for available

I A Khan 08 December 2019

Nice products

Manish 11 December 2019

Manya 11 December 2019

Arshil khan 11 December 2019

good product.

Salman Optical 19 December 2019

Best stress relief spray, I have used , I am feeling good.

Arman khan 20 December 2019

Its very good stress relief spray. I am feeling too good.

Aamir khan 20 December 2019

Many Stress relief products available in market but stress reliever spray amazing product.

Zakir khan 20 December 2019

Branded products.

Jabir khan 22 December 2019

Stress relief I want then I find this brand such a Nice product.

Reeta Chaudhary 11 January 2020

Pretty much the best thing we have ordered from Forever Leaves. This is a tiny bottle of goodness that takes you straight to the last best spa/resort you have visited :) true to its name, it does have a relaxing soothing smell.

Rayyan Ahmad 11 January 2020

It has a nice, soothing, calming aroma. Smells fabulous.

Tina Sharma 11 January 2020

This product is awesome.. there is a lovely divine smell of sandalwood.. ideal to use after batg, if you meditate or before bed at night.. it has got a lovely spiritual smell which you get in holy places.. very refreshing during summers and the fragrance lingers for quite a while.. amazing discount by amazon got at a very cheap price and very happy!!

Sunny 11 January 2020

Packaging: Good. The bottle is of good quality

Sarwan Kumar 11 January 2020

It was good product. At first it gives you impression there is no scent. However, after a while it will give you the perfect smell

P.K. Sharma 11 January 2020

Very natural fragrance. Lasts for long time. Quite soothing. Worth for its cost. Instead of plastic bottle, glass container is desirable.

Rahul 11 January 2020

Extremely awesome fragrance and long lasting too.

Chitra 11 January 2020

very much superb product

Rohit jain 11 January 2020

Completely enthralling fragrance. Received it fine and dandy.

Madhusudan 11 January 2020

Beautiful ! Just luv it ! I totally recommend it

Kundan Dhama 11 January 2020

The scent is wonderful and lasts v. long ..only what i didnt like is the plastic bottle

Jatin Yadav 11 January 2020

Very nice fragrance.....stays for long

Khurram Ahmad 11 January 2020

Excellent product.

Prabhat 11 January 2020


Aditya Dhanraj 11 January 2020

Must buy product....!!!

Ramesh Sharma 11 January 2020

Awesome product please go for it once you will love ❤ it definitely.

Anil kumar Sharma 11 January 2020

If you face sudden headaches sometimes and find it annoying, you can go for this product. I sometimes get headache when I am roaming in afternoon, but using this product gives a huge relief and soothing effect.

Ankita Sharma 11 January 2020

I read the reviews. I got impressed and bought this product. The product comes with proper packaging. I received it perfectly.

Ronit Roy 11 January 2020

This is a migraine and stress spray which makes you stress free and now you can live without any worries.This spray soothes you up and helps to relax mind muscles. stress relief spray gives you faster relieve .

Kritika Jain 11 January 2020

Experience.: My mom used stress reliever spray because she had headache..It was really effective for her she loved it because it treated her headache really very fast .. and so she was really happy with this product .... . Thank you ForeverLeaves for such an amazing and effective product....

Fariha Khan 11 January 2020

This is a great stress relief product, but it’s not my favorite smell for stress relief. I bought on for my friend and she loved the scent. I do believe it works well though to calm.

Vijay Chauhan 11 January 2020

This is my savior this is multi purpose spray. I use it during cold, migraine pain, body ache and this is best stress relief spray to heal your cramps as well.

Amar Yadav 13 January 2020

What a great scent. So relaxing and refreshing. The sent lasts a good length of time. Days long in my office. I get lots of compliments.

Riti Jain 13 January 2020

I suffer from migraines and headaches frequently. This stress relief spray has proved very useful to me. It gives a cool minty feeling to my head. My pain eases down within minutes. Its size is perfect to carry it at workplace or so. Happy with the product!

Manoj Dixit 13 January 2020

This is my savior this is multi purpose Spray. I use it during cold, migraine pain, body ache and this is best spray to heal your cramps as well... Travel friendly.

Yashoda Kumari 13 January 2020

It works like wonder. Post partum..I get headache quite often. I keep it in my handbag. The spray on feature is just awesome. It has mix of important ingrediant. Superb! Recommended.

Geetanjli Mishra 13 January 2020

Wonderful product.....very good for stress and migraine pain...thanks to Forever Leaves and seller...worth it!...must of parabens.

Nasir Ahamad 13 January 2020

It really helps in headache and stress.... Using it from couple of months it really helps me to relax... A must have product... Fir everyone 100% value for money.

Priya Sharma 13 January 2020

Compact and thus easy to carry any where. Destress and migraine spray. Comes in the form of stress spray . Goodness of seven herbs.

Gaurav Sharma 13 January 2020

It is natural with herbs and smell like natural spray from the nature and help in headache and stress and one can feel the warmth after using

Arjun Kumar 13 January 2020

Its good. Bought this for my eldest daughter who suffers from stress. Told her to apply under the tongue. It is effective as of now. it brings down the pain and allows her to relax.

Nadeem Khan 13 January 2020

Ohhh where to start from ! Its as amazing as it says, really helps me in my headaches and stress... It do all it says

Gajendra Sharma 13 January 2020

Simply love this spray on it has helped me alot to get rid of my migraine pain totally recommend to all the people who get headaches often like me.

Jaya Chaudhri 13 January 2020

I have recently got this stress relief spray. It is used for common cold, headache, migraine, stress. Whenever i het tired and get headachee i use this roll on. It works in minutes. Highly recommended

Bhuvneshwar Sharma 13 January 2020

This one is really good. I serve from headache very frequently. I m using this since 3 days and its has helped me a lot. No chemicals, Completely ayurveda.

Vaibhav Kumar 13 January 2020

The product is very easy to apply and gives a great relief in migraine headaches and stress. It also has a very soothing herbal fragrance. Highly recommend it.