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Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )
Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )
Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )
Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )

Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )

  • Product Code: SS-01
  • Price: INR 480
  • (4.8 Rating / 52 Reviews)
    • Improves Your Daily Sleep.
    • Makes You Feel Fresh and Active in the Morning.
    • Totally Non-Addictive.
    • Builds a Sleep Pattern Routine.
    • Gives a Restful Sleep.

Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )

We all are mostly working the whole day and after so much of hard work, our body usually is exhausted. To recover energy, we require our bodies to get relaxed. You definitely used to hate it when you need to put efforts even for sleeping. Obviously, we all hate it. For an effortless sleep and relaxed body or stress relief, you must try sound sleep spray. It can make your life easy by putting your body in relaxation mode and then gives you a peaceful sleep by sound sleep spray.

No matter how much luxurious and rich class life you are able to live, everything sounds irritating if you are unable to sleep properly, due to stress and tired body. Yes, all the joy and happiness of our lives are on one side and proper, undisrupted sleep takes another side. Nothing seems satisfying without having a peaceful sleep with a relaxed body and no stress relief.

You can definitely try our Sound sleep spray and have a satisfying day regularly. Not having a proper sleep not only sounds annoying but also has too many shocking effects on our body. These effects urge us to find a solution immediately for having untroubled and peaceful sleep on a daily basis. The effects of lack of sleep on our bodies are Weak Immune System, Risk of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low Sex Drive, Weight Gain, etc.

However, we can help you to improve your sleeping patterns by sound sleep spray & gives you the best treatment of sleeping problems. Our brand forever leaves has one amazing spray for the people who are not able to sleep properly at night due to the burden of work, stress, tired body. The best thing for you all is that our SOUND SLIP SPRAY is an effortless gift for an effortless and peaceful sleep and stress relief. Sound Slip Spray helps you to remove stress and tiredness from your body; it relaxes you properly for better sleep. You must try it for a happy and healthy life!

Ingredients of Sound Slip Spray ( Sound Sleep Spray )

Energy, Carbohydrate, Sugar, Protein, Fat, Melatonin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Gama Aminobutyric Acid, Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Valerian Root

Direction for use:

6 sprays under the tongue. 1 time a day or as directed by the dietician. Hold under the tongue for 20 seconds prior to swallowing.

Allergen Information/Warning

Do not take you are or nursing. Consult your dietitian prior to use if have any medical condition.


  • Standard Delivery In India - 5-7 business days.
  • International Delivery 10-15 business days.

You Will See The Estimated Delivery Date Range After You Place Your Order, And You Will Receive Estimated Delivery Date In Your Order Confirmation Email/SMS. We Will Let You Know The Estimated Delivery Date Once Your Order Is Dispatched. We Are Working To Get Your Orders Across As Soon As Possible.

  • I am very happy because I am stress free now, Thanks forever leaves for making a best product.

    Ashfaq Khan
  • Nice product

    Aarif sekh
  • Best stress relief product of india, every person ongoing stress, stress reliever is the best stress relief product. Thanks forever leaves.

    Satyaprakash Meena
  • best product .. working perfect i am happy with this product its worth while deal. dont think too much just buy it ..

    gunjan sharma
  • I am buying this for the second time, it’s a good product & easy to carry

  • a great product to use after yoga and before going to sleep!

    Neha Yadav
  • Purchased this item for my mother who sometimes has a hard time relaxing and sleeping. Once she takes it, it worked really well. Takes a little time to begin working but once it does, it really relaxes you to the point where you could get a sound sleep.

    Ram Bairwa
  • Well, have been having these tablets for the last 1 week every night. As my work is computer based, i have trouble in sleeping at night. These tablets have actually made me sleep a bit earlier then before. Working for me. Getting proper 8 hrs of sleep. Didnt quite have any morning effect as i had deep sleep for almost 8 hrs.

    Asif Ali Khan
  • Good product. I was looking for a non habit forming sleep inducing tablet for restful sleep & thankfully I’m glad I found one with no side effects.

    Babita Kumari
  • Good product as compared to other international brands like schiff has right amount and concentration of ingredients. Perfect

    Gama Kumar
  • This product is a genuine wonder. Period. You can buy without any doubt.

    Mahendra Raj
  • Sound sleep spray is effective

    Rahul Kumar
  • I am using it for the past few days and it is an amazing product, i had sleep difficulties earlier and eould sleep at 3 am in the morning but after using this amazing product I am getting my 8 hour sleep very easily.

    Shvi Ranjan kumar
  • Helps fall asleep faster but expensive. There r other low price product as well which i have tried earlier and was happy with them.

    Priya Sharma
  • Body Works great valerian root with melatonin. Seem to get to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer.

    Neeraj Sharma
  • Taking to sleep with in 30 minutes just a use. Very reasonable price.

    Mehraj Khan
  • I suffer from sleep anxiety, Sleep easy makes me feel comfortable, cozy, and peaceful.

    Prakash Sharma
  • This is the perfect dose to just fall asleep and stay asleep. Small size easy to swallow. I keep them beside my bed. Safest supplement. Even if you pop the whole bottle you cannot be hospitalized or harmed. Just take one a day and you should sleep well."

    Kamlesh Singodiya
  • My husband wanted to try something new, because melatonin stopped working for him. From first night, it works for him, he sleeps longer and better. Great product, works as described. He is getting a full nights rest.

    Vanshu Ahuja
  • It does what it claims. Sleep may or may not come quickly, but when it comes, it is deep and restful. The problem is with the price. There are other products available at less than half its price.

    Kanika Kumar
  • This product is exactly what I needed, a wonderful product. I will keep buying more due to the quality of the product and the prompt service I received. This is just what I hoped it would be. Extremely pleased with this product. Helps me sleep and I would highly recommend this if you need some help getting to sleep.

    Shiva Sharma
  • Both my wife and I have been struggling to sleep since arriving in India, that was until we found Forte Sleeping spray. Since taking the spray more peaceful deeper sleeps have ensued.

    Buddhi prakash
  • Daily stress and working load , night sleep was gone . But after taking the Stress Relief Spray I am feeling much relax and comfortable.

    Nandu Sharma
  • My mother has been suffering from Insomnia due to stress. This product actually helped her get REM sleep. Great product. I recommend buying if you have trouble sleeping.

    Ajay Kumar
  • It work really well. Slept great for the first time in a long time. Just i was hopping for.

    Akhil Kumar
  • Very effective remedy I suggested to others as well as ordered more...

  • buy this instated of using other stuff , it will heal your headache in few mins

    Farheen Khan
  • It’s ReAly gud . Worth buying . I use it whenever I get migraine

    Ratna Kumari
  • Very effective

    Somya Verma
  • Very relaxing and easy to use. A very important product in these stressful days. I carry it with me even on official tours.

    Khurram Khan
  • Really a fantastic product. Get relieved from pain and stress within a minute. Really happy with the product.

    Neha Sharma
  • Good product and effective in headache. One should give it a try. It made me relaxed after use. Nice product.

    Priyanka Gautam
  • Quality product very useful

    Ganga Nai
  • It Can make relief in 10 minutes

  • Actually working on my migraine headache & Stress.

    Prusham Sharma
  • Very effective for headaches .. A must have for your travel bag..

    Ishita Gupta
  • Very nice and effective product.

    Anu Bairwa
  • Using it for headache. Helps me to calm down.

    Madhurima Sabharwal
  • I am suffering from migraine very frequently. I recently started using this product and the outcome was really outstanding. I would highly recommend this spray If you desire migraine and stress relief.

    Nandu Sharma
  • Product is suitable and gives hope of remedy to sufferings. I am happy with first results

    Johy Rehman
  • Effective and highly recommended for alleviating headache and stress.

    Nimrah Khan
  • It is very effective and works smoothly....cures headache,migrane too fast,good product at the price....

    Raghu Verma
  • Good product. I helps to stop the migraine and stress if massage with this at initiatial stages of the attack

  • Great products for Migraine and headaches. Really provide instant refief if applied on initial phase. Fragrance is really good and provide stress relief as well.

    Azeem Khan
  • Awesome product. Very helpful for headaches, Migraine. Must use in case of headaches.

    Akshay banda
  • Effective product. Easy to use. Best pain relief for migraine. Apply under the tongue for best results.

    Mahi Khan
  • It really works . Good product

  • excellent genuine product

    Sanjay Tiwari
  • Reduces stress. Peps u up when feeling low in energy. Helps in reducing the incidence of migraines

  • It actually works. I wanted to just try for the sake but it worked...wow

    Siddhartha Gupta
  • Great product for the people who have migraine problem. It is really effective.

    Megha sharma
  • Value for money . Easy to use. My dad gets regular headache and this been very helpful.

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